Hi Parents, 

I just wanted to say you are all simply the best! Thank you so
much for volunteering swiftly to bring in items for our Mad Science Day on
Tuesday! It will be such a fun time for all of the kiddos. 
And to top it off with even more Holiday fun, on our last day of school next Wednesday, we will have a Polar Express Pajama Party. The plan is to get cozy, watch the Polar Express, and drink Hot Chocolate*. See the details below to share with your child.  

Welcome Aboard the PolarExpress!

When: Wednesday, December 19, 2012
Where: Room 23  

What to bring:
A coffee mug inside a Ziploc bag, your
best behavior, and a vivid imagination. 
If hot chocolate and whipped cream is not for you or you
have any allergies to anything that might be in hot cocoa mix, bring in your favorite drink!
You may also bring in a stuffed animal.

What to wear: Your pajamas with outside shoes.
Have a lovely weekend! 

Julie Buck

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